PurePQQ® Natural & GRAS


PurePQQ® Natural & GRAS

Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt is a redox co-factor and an anionic, redox-cycling orthoquinone. It naturally exists in cultures of bacteria and tissues of mammals. It is an essential nutrient for mammals and is important for immune function.

It is the most powerful biologically active substance discovered by humans so far. It is also called methoxatin, a longevity vitamin and a good functional raw material in the field of brain health. It is more stable and popular than other forms of PQQ and is used in more than 80% of supplement products in the market.

Main bioactivities:

+ An overall improvement in energy levels
+ Improved cognitive function and memory
+ Reduction in mitochondrial degradation
+ Increased skin elasticity
+ Neuro-protectant
+ Cardio-protectant
+ Enhanced nerve growth

Suggested use: 10-20mg daily

PurePQQ® Chromatogram

PQQ Chromatogram