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Since 2007, ECA Healthcare Inc. has been an industry leader in both nutritional and wellness industries by producing and supplying premium-quality, innovative & natural healthcare ingredients worldwide.

SunPS®, BioPS®, SunPC®, DHAPS®, MoleQ®, PurePQQ®, PureKIC®, Vitafenol®, Vegan Vitamin D3 and Apfenol® are some of the signature ingredients from ECA Healthcare Inc.

We credit our success to strong partnerships, innovative technology, and suppliers worldwide, enabling us to produce the best ingredients for our clients



We made substantial investments in R&D and innovation. Our strengths are our cutting-edge technology, global expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities, which set the standard for product excellence and allow us to fulfil the demands of customers and the stringent scientific and quality criteria of the current dietary supplement market.


From pharmaceuticals,  nutraceuticals, and nutritional phospholipids to core vitamins, carotenoids, and custom nutrient premixes, we are providing the world’s growing population with the highest quality of health and wellness through our unparalleled capabilities and expertise in the industry.